New Language, New Skills

Add building blocks to your foundational knowledge of Threes Physiyoga Method principles by participating in live virtual discussions with the TPM community. Upon completion of the Practice learning path, certification is available thorugh the three-month Independent Study program with access to a TPM mentor.

Course Overview

  • 20+ pre-recorded lessons, including foundational knowledge, movement tasks, labs, and Physiyoga practices
  • Lessons released on a schedule over 8 months with independent pacing between lessons
  • Knowledge check quizzes at the end of each lesson
  • Four live 60-minute virtual round table discussions and access to recordings


  • Foundational knowledge of the skeletal, myofascial, nervous system
  • Common orthopedic pathologies review
  • Proprioception and interoception fundamentals
  • Application of musculoskeletal anatomy and biomechanics knowledge to asana practice
  • Teaching Physiyoga concepts in group class settings
  • Safety through specific cues, modifications and movement regressions/ progressions
  • Mobility and stability integration into yoga practice
  • BioPsychoSocialSpiritual approach to working with private clients
  • TPM tools for objective assessment of client progress and movement patterns
  • Restoration techniques and tools for supportive, sustainable yoga practices
  • Modifying and adapting yoga practices through injury and pain
  • Designing Physiyoga programs through case based learning


  • 6-Month membership to the TPM online studio and workshops
  • Access to TPM Community during live virtual discussions

Course Requirements

  • Application
  • 200-hr YTT certification
  • $2,350 (USD) payment in full prior to start of course. Register early for Early Bird pricing and a payment installment option!

Course Calendar: Registration is now closed for the Fall 2022 cohort

Sept. 14, 2022  -  TPM Fundamentals + Introduction to the Core                  

Oct. 12, 2022    -  Module 1: Unit 1: The Lower Limb

                        -  Live Virtual Roundtable Discussion, 12-1pm ET

Nov. 16, 2022    -  Module 1: Unit 2: The Upper Limb

Dec. 14, 2022    -  Module 2: Unit 1: The Pelvic Gridle

                        -  Live Virtual Roundtable Discussion, 12-1pm ET

Feb. 15, 2023    -  Module 2: Unit 2: The Shoulder Girdle

                        -  Live Virtual Roundtable Discussion, 12-1pm ET

Mar. 15, 2023    -  Module 3: The Spine

Mar. 29, 2023    -  Live Virtual Roundtable Discussion, 12-1pm ET

Registration is now closed for the Fall 2022 cohort. Follow us on social media and sign up below for the newsletter to keep informed on future course offerings and updates.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel up to four weeks prior to course start date and receive a full refund, minus ten percent of the total course cost for administrative fees. A 50 percent refund will be issued if you cancel up to two weeks prior to course start date. No refunds will be made for cancellations within two weeks of course start date.

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